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      Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) that we receive.  If you have other questions, please feel free to "Contact us".

May I see The Music Doctors DJ's perform at a function?

      There are two answers to this question:

1.  If we are performing at a private function, the answer is No.  It is our policy not to allow viewing of our services at others private functions.  We feel it would be unfair and unethical to allow strangers to just walk in and watch, even for a few minutes of someone else's event.  It gives the impression we care more about the next sale rather than the function we are currently performing at.  Return customers are a large part of our business and we take pride in making every event memorable.  We would rather lose a booking rather than allow our services to be compromised at any private function.

      2.  If we are performing at a public invited event or a public nightclub / bar, we welcome you to come out and see us perform.  It may not have the same theme as your event, but we take pride in our performances and feel confident that you will like what you see.  Any public events will be posted on our "Events Page" and will be updated accordingly.

How much do you charge?
There are many factors that go into pricing an event.  Our prices are based on the client's individual needs.  These details are discussed at the time of initial consultation.

How early do you arrive to set up your equipment?
Usually, we like a minimum of  60 minutes prior to start of your occasion.  Under certain circumstances, depending on the type of event or venue's guidelines, we may need more time.

Do you need a table set up for your equipment?
We require a 6 to 8 foot table set-up for us when we arrive.  However, if this is not possible we can bring our own table as long as we are notified prior to your event.

Will you be eating with us?
We don't necessarily need a place setting at a table with your guests, but we should be counted in your head count for dinner.  We do not take breaks throughout your event, so if your venue requires us to have a place setting at a table, try to make it in close proximity to our equipment. 

Do you need anything special for your equipment?
For outdoor events, we do require a facility and/or canopy that completely covers us and our equipment from the elements (sun, rain etc.) with sufficient electrical power within 20 feet of our set-up.  Sun, lightning and water are a DJ's worst enemy.  We also reserve the right to stop playing in the event of severe rain and/or electrical storms, to protect everyone and our equipment from electrical strikes/surges. 
For indoor events, we require sufficient electrical power within10 to15 feet from our equipment.  Venue's usually have specific areas they like to put us, because they know which circuits are free.  If we are providing our light show, a separate circuit will be needed from our music equipment to prevent overloads.

Do you interact with the crowd?
Yes.  We interact as much or as little as our clients specify.

What is your payment schedule?
We require a non-refundable deposit to book your occasion.  The balance can be paid prior to your occasion but we require it be paid 30 days in advance if paying by check.  The balance can be paid on the day of your event, but we will only accept cash, and must be paid prior to the start time.

What is your cancellation policy?
We must receive in writing you wish to cancel up to 90 days prior to your events date and any money received other than your deposit will be refunded.  If we receive your cancellation within the 90 days prior to your occasion, all payments and your deposit will not be refunded.  Your deposit in non-refundable under both circumstances.

Do you have travel expenses?
Rule of thumb is 45 minutes travel time to your event.  Over 45 minutes travel time is subject to a mileage expense to be determined at the time of booking.  One night hotel accommodations will be added for over 2 hour travel times. 

What do you wear to events you are performing at?
We always dress according to the event unless otherwise specified by the client.  If your occasion has a "Theme", be sure to let us know and we will be glad to dress to "Fit In".

Do you have a light show?

Do you have karaoke?
Yes.  However, we supply Karaoke to supplement your event.  Our main function is as DJ / MC and we do not have an outrageously huge song list you may encounter with full time "KJ's" (Karaoke Jockey's).  

Do you have professional equipment?
Yes.  All our our equipment is professional grade.  It needs to be moved frequently and we cannot afford to use "cheap" equipment!

We need our activities announced, do you provide Master of Ceremonies services?     
Yes.  Unless you specify otherwise, we assume we will be your Master of Ceremonies.  We have cordless hand held and headset microphones to accommodate all events.   

Do you have a large enough system to play at our event?
Yes.  We have equipment large enough to play at any event.  Some of our competitors list different "packages" with different sized equipment, with different prices and want you to pick what you need.  We are the professionals, let us determine what  equipment is needed, you enjoy your day.      

Do you have backup equipment?
Yes.  However, we do not bring a complete second system to every event. 

Do you take requests?
Yes.  We take requests throughout your event.  However, due to time constraints, we may not be able to play all requests.  Also, if you have listed a song or songs that you do not want to hear and a guest requests that song, we will not play those songs.  Ever go up to a DJ and ask for a song and they say "I have to look for it" or "if I have time I'll play it"?   This usually means, I must be professional but, my client asked me not to play that song or I am running out of time and can't possibly fit that in (did we just give away one of our business secrets?).

What if there is a song that we absolutely do not want to hear?
Let us know prior to your occasion (you can list this on your "Event Planner") and we will not play that song(s).

Are there any surcharges I should know about other than mileage or hotel accommodations if required?
Stairs!  Carrying our equipment up multiple flights of stairs will include a $50 surcharge.




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